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We give you an amazing and easy to use template to drafts your legislative bills with.

Why Choose OK-LEGIS Legislative Drafting Assistant?

Our legislative drafting assistant provides you an easy to use template with rich guide to drafting legislative bills in the shortest possible time.

Save Time!

Save time and streamline the bill document drafting process from start to finish with Legislative Drafting Assistant from OK-LEGIS Legit.

Manage Bills

A robust data management system that keeps and grants you quick access to your documents.


What matters most in drafting legislative bill documents? Having the necessary information you need at your disposal.

About us

Ok-Legis ...your legislative drafting assistant.

Ok-Legis is a leading global provider of legislative drafting solutions for individuals and corporate organizations that enables our clients to develop bills, other legislation documents, increase productivity and advance the rule of law across the globe..

Advancing What's Possible

Our teams are combining unparalled legal and business with information technology to advance what is possible for the way our clients works and to encourage what is possible within the legal framework.

Who We Are

Innovating to support each client's success. Combining information technology to help our clinets achieve better results. We are delivering novel tools to our clients for increase productivity in legal draftings.


Ok-Legis offers professional legislative drafting assistant services to aid and help legislators and congress men in drafting fresh bills or amending existing bill.

Legislative Drafting Assistant

Legislative drafting assistant tool is a software designed to meet the needs of all persons irrespective of their educational background to help both individual and corporate organnization users to draft a bill or other legislations with ease.

Draft Reports

The legislative drafting assistant helps provides the users with an overview report of all drafted bills, the date of drafting and the numbers of drafted bills.

Robust Bill Manager

This tool will enable you to retrieve your saved bills or legislation documents. You will also be able to preview, edit or print the document directly from your device.

Our Mission

Advancing the rule of law and caring for our communities and the environment.

Our Vision

Pursuing for the highest ethical standards in every aspects of legal framework.


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3,000.00 / month

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  • Number of User: 1
  • See how we help individual practitioners draft bill, practice law and grow their practice.
  • No backup


10,000.00 / month

  • Discount: ₦0.00
  • Number of User: 10
  • Draft legislative bills, create up to 10 users, manage users and documents
  • Data backup


25,000.00 / month

  • Discount: ₦0.00
  • Number of User: 100
  • Unlimited number of users. Access to all features, drafting assistant quick links and document backups.
  • Data backup


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